Monday, January 5, 2009

Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm

  View from the farmhouse

  Lavender Lemonade

  Lavandula Gift Shop

  Original old farm house

  Lavender as far as the eye can see

Yesterday we took the family to visit Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm. Lavandula is situated just out of Daylesford, Victoria and is one of my favourite places to take family and friends when they visit. The setting is reminiscent of the Italian country side and lavender scent permeates the air. We wandered through the sea of lavender, took the kids to see the farm animals and ate at the cafe La Trattoria (the homemade Lavender Lemonade is a must have and most of the produce is grown on the farm). They distill the lavender flowers to make beautiful body products which can purchased in the gift shop, located in a rustic Italian style farm house. The adults and the kids equally enjoyed the outing! We'll be heading back there again on Sunday 11th January for their Harvest Day Festival.

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