Friday, January 16, 2009

Beautiful Rooms - Part Two

    Living room from Something's Gotta Give. Set designer: Beth Rubino
The kitchen set from the movie, Something's Gotta Give

          Hampton's home from the movie, Something's Gotta Give

                                           Anna Spiro's beautiful kitchen

                                       Andrew Suvalsky - designer


                                                Southern Accents

                                                       Hutker Architects

                                       What a way to make an entrance!

Here's my next installment of beautiful rooms that have tickled my fancy. I love the use of yellow in Southern Accent's kitchen and the entrance hall above. Also featured are a few photos from the set of the movie, Something's Gotta Give. This Hamptons home is my favourite movie home, with movie set designer, Beth Rubino, doing an amazing job on the design. And as for Anna Spiro's kitchen, I love the use of pink. Beautiful!


kim selby said...

Oh Kate- I just watched this movie the other night and drooled over the house more than Keanu Reeves!

LaDeDog! said...

I have always loved watching this movie if just to take in that cheerful, creamy kitchen & those beachy hues of that home.