Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Garden

                              The ivy is slowly taking over the house

             Succulents have been planted on the roof of the garden shed

                                               Little Home Tea Party

                                             Where we play bocce

                                                     Little Home

                                                 Little Home Cushions

                                                 Ornamental Pond

                                                      Veggie Patch

                                           Compost heap and chook pen

A few weeks ago I mentioned posting some photos of my garden. I share about an acre with Stephen Ryan and Craig Ligderwood, with a big veggie patch separating the two houses. The garden will be seen weekly on Gardening Australia (ABC) starting 31st January, with Stephen filming most of his hosting role there, which is a bit exciting for us. Renata from Little Home also did a photo shoot for her beautiful cushions in the garden, so I've posted a few of those shots as well. Enjoy!


Patricia Gray said...

Your garden is a little piece of heaven. Thanks for including me on your blog list. Could you please update my listing with this link:
Kindest Regards

kim selby said...

Just looking beautiful!!

Romana said...

gorgeous, just gorgeous! thank you for sharing, I will be looking out for your garden on GA at the end of the month :)
Great blog, I will be following :)