Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Golden Age of Couture 1947 - 1957

                                        Chiffon Evening Dress Jean Desses
                                           (one of my favourites)

                   This photo was taken in Elizabeth Arden's personal 

                            Silk dress & Petticoat Pierre Balmain 1950
                      (one of my sister's and sister in-law's favourite pieces)

                            Black Swan Evening Dress Christian Dior 1949

On New Year's Day we organised a girl's day out and headed to the Bendigo Art Gallery to visit the Golden Age of Couture Paris & London 1947 - 1957. The exhibition features clothing from designers such as Dior, Balenciaga, Balmain and Fath, gorgeous fashion illustrations and stunning photography from the decade 1947 to 1957. Some of the evening dresses took our breath away with their detail and beauty, and we spent forever trying to decide on our favourite dresses. The exhibition runs until March 22nd 2009 and is well worth a visit.

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Anonymous said...

oooh, I want that white dress, and to be able to fit into it! Great blog girls. I love checking in on you every few days.