Saturday, January 31, 2009

Enchanted Closets

                           Carrie's old wardrobe before Big built the new one

                           Heather Kerzner's lovely closet

                  Eva Longoria 

                   Mariah's wardrobe 

                          Mariah's shoes!

                          Nicky Hilton's classic closet 

                                 Mariah Carey's luxe robe

This post is dedicated to my sister-in-law who is hankering after a beautiful and organised closet. She gave me the idea for a post featuring lust worthy wardrobes. Some are designer closets, some are celeb closets, but all are gorgeous. For now I'll have to make do with my old built in wardrobe.


Mrs C said...

well I cant stand Mariah but what a gorgeous closet she has! all those shoes...

Renata said...

They are all so beautiful, I would love to have any of them!

Design Lovely said...

I want them all! Nice blog!