Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Fabulous Five - Lady Melbourne

1. My jewellery collection
I worked as an accessories designer for 4 years so my mantra is 'Accessories first, outfit second...'
I am like a bower bird when it comes to anything diamante, pearl or brooches. Chanel is where I begin my jewellery fantasy, but I will search high and low to find pieces that I love.

2. Black mascara
I've been wearing black mascara since I was 14 and I don't actually think I could live without it! I'm not one of those gals that needs to put her face on just to get a pint of milk, but if all else fails I turn to that magic little wand of black perfection to make me feel more like myself.

3. Tea
A daily requirement for me. I love tea cups as well. And tea sets. And tea pots

4. Lip balm
I'm obsessed. There I've said it. I have about 40 lip balms and glosses, all currently in use.

5. Books
I love to read so my books are my most prized possessions. I love newspapers and magazines as well, there are piles of 'reading material' dotted all over the house. It drives my partner crazy, but who knows when you might need a book to read?!

I've been wanting to do a magazine style post where I get to ask someone whose style and creative genius I love, what are the top five things are in the world that they can't live without ( I love this type of thing in the mags). I'm going to try do this style of post every couple of weeks and I have got some very talented people lined up. And what better way to begin, with the beautiful, graceful and very, very stylish Lady Melbourne. Don't forget to check out her blog Lady Melbourne, it's divine!

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Rachael said...

Black mascara, lip gloss and car keys is all I need to look for before I step out the door.
Love your jewellery collection!