Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Margherita Missoni - Italian Heiress

It's very hard not to envy Margherita Missoni. Not only is she beautiful with fabulous style, she is also heir to the Missoni fortune. For me it's not so much the money I envy (although that would be very nice), it's the access to all of those amazing clothes and homewares. Those who know me well, know I covet Missoni homewares and I'm trying to build a collection. So far it's a very, very small collection, consisting of a cushion and a couple of hand towels! I love Margherita's casual, slightly boho look and her apartment is like her, stylish, elegant and a little experimental.


Mrs C said...

love her style and that dress in the first pic!

Fiona said...

Wow no wonder you envy her and her style she is stunning. Piece by piece you will get there.
love your blog its very lovely.