Monday, April 13, 2009

One Very Stylish Family

                             Jane Birkin : Image by Gabrielle Crawford

                              Serge Gainsborough and Jane Birkin

                             Jane and Serge

                     Jane Birkin

                       Charlotte Gainsborough

                                    Charlotte Gainborough

                                      Charlotte Gainborough -  French Vogue

                                                Hermes Birkin Bag

What do you do when your parents are the epitome of 60s cool?! Become the modern day version, that's what. Charlotte Gainsborough is the offspring of French singer/actor/director Serge Gainsborough and 60s fashion icon Jane Birkin (Hermes famously named the Birkin bag after her). Serge and Jane were the 60s equivalent of Brad and Angelina but much, much cooler in their day. Charlotte has gone on to forge a successful singing and acting career while constantly appearing on best dressed lists around the world. She also has two sisters, photographer Kate Barry and model/actress/designer Lou Doillon, no stranger herself to best dressed lists and fashion campaigns. It makes you wonder, style and chic must be in the genes.

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kim selby said...

I absolutely love that back light image of Charlotte Gainborough - second from the bottom. Just beautiful. Hope you girls had a great Easter!