Monday, April 6, 2009

Sofia Coppola - The Coolest Kid on the Block

                              New York Home

                                   An American in Paris

                           Gracing the cover of French Vogue

            Lux Lisbon (Kirsten Dunst) The Virgin Suicides

                           Directing The Virgin Suicides

She's a designer, director, actor, muse and comes from Hollywood royalty. Sofia Coppola is my all time favourite celebrity. I remember watching her in The Godfather III and loving her quirky, slightly kooky look. She has gone on to direct beautiful, whimsy and dreamy films such as The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette. Her style is  a mix of Parisian chic and downtown New York, she's Marc Jacob's favourite muse and has designed for Louis Vuitton. And when it comes to red carpet events she always gets it so right. It just doesn't get any cooler.


Rachael said...

that cover on french vogue is stunning!

The Enchanted Closet said...

Same here Rachael, I love it. So very French!

paula said...

plus she's stunning:)