Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Searching for the Perfect Wallpaper

This print isn't a wallpaper but a painting by Chris Chun, but I'd love to find something similar in a wallpaper print.

We're just in the middle of sorting out the shop fit-out for the new store. We're keeping the look similar to our first shop so we'll be having a pale pink and white candy striped wall, but we also want to use a beautiful wallpaper. We're looking for a similar style to the wallpapers featured above and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest anything they may have seen in their travels that they think may be suitable. So if you have any ideas let me know via the comments section. Thanks x

Image 1: Rose Villa via La la Lovely
Image 2: Chris Chun Painting
Image 3: Thibaut Wallpaper - Lillian
Image 4: Thibaut Wallpaper via Style Court
Image 5: Henhouse via Daisy Pink Cupcake
Image 6 Thibaut Wallpaper - Westfield


mondo cherry said...

I am absolutely no expert on wallpaper, but I did stumble across a beautiful range with birds which was Pip Studios by Eijiffinger. The painting by Chris Chun reminded me a lot of it.
Good luck with your search.
Clare x

Polly R said...

I love the first one. You can get it from Laura Ashley here in England. I nearly got it for my room. It's lovely. x

Dustjacket attic said...

I'm very taken with the sofa covered in the matching Thibaut print in Lillian. It's just gorgeous.

That would be so much fun doing a makeover for the store.

Thank you for your comments and for adding Dustjacket Attic to your blogroll, it's very much appreciated. I will be adding yours too.

smileybella said...

OMG - I adore these. I want to wrap MYSELF in wallpaper from photo no.3. Proud to say I loved wallpaper well before it became fashionable again. Thanks for the fab eye candy.

7 Year Wedding said...

ooo! I love the wallpaper images you have choosen. I've always dreamed that when i buy a house we'll have a wallpapered kitchen, it makes everything so bright and cheery. Good luck searching! L x