Friday, July 10, 2009

More D.I.Y.

                          One of the finished seats.

                  The vintage floral fabric.

                    The seats in their original fluffy state.

Over the weekend my sister and I went hunting for old beauty table seats that we could do up for our change rooms in the new shop. 

Our Nanna had a fluffy purple seat when we were growing up which we loved, and we wanted to find something similar - minus the fluffy purple cover. We hit the jackpot  at the first place we visited, finding two old seats plus the gorgeous vintage floral fabric.

 So we now have two new seats for under $50 with plenty of fabric left over to make some pretty cushions.


Beach Vintage said...

Oh my I love the fabric used here. Great result.

Cyma said...

Wow this fabric is just so pretty and I love the end result.

have a lovely weekend!

Rachael said...

clever girls, these are lovely!

Kellie Collis said...

My nan had one of those chairs.. If only i knew it could come up so beautifully!! x

Little Jane St said...

Awesome! Love the fabric:)

Nanette said...

Great idea! I bet the shop is fabo, nice to meet you!