Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beautiful Apothecaries

Marie Mason Apothecary - Santa Monica, California

Saipua  - Brooklyn, New York

Melange Apothecary - Sherman Oaks, California

Santa Maria Novella Apothecary - Florence

Penhaligons - London

Saint Charles Apothecary - Vienna

Apoth•e•cary - sells or compounds drugs for medicinal purposes.

Two of my favourite shops in Australia are Kleins Perfumery in Brunswick St, Victoria and Bangalow Pharmacy in Byron St, Bangalow, both of which have an old fashioned apothecary feel. With this in mind my sister suggested I do a post about beautiful apothecaries around the world and she set about sourcing gorgeous apothecary images for me. Here are some of my favourites.


Cyma said...

What a great post, these pictures are very interesting.
I would love to have Chek stocked in your stores, would send you our catalogue very soon:)

Beach Vintage said...

I have never been to Bangalow yet it is only a few hours drive. This has inspired me to get there ASAP.