Saturday, July 4, 2009

MoVida Melbourne

                        The air cured wagu and truffle foam - my favourite.

Drinking chocolate y Spanish good.

Last night I had a fabulous dining experience. We visited MoVida, the Spanish tapas bar in Melbourne run by chef, Frank Camorra. This restaurant has gained world wide recognition as a destination eatery and is frequented by Melbourne foodies who know their cuisine.

Highlights of the night were the Queso manchego - Imported aged manchego sheep's milk chees with quince paste. Cecina - Air cured wagu beef thinly sliced with truffle foam and poached egg, and for dessert Churros - Rich drinking chocolate and Spanish doughnuts ( one of the best desserts I've ever had). To compliment the meal we drank some great Portuguese wines and Spanish beers.

So if you're in Melbourne and looking for a place to dine check out MoVida. The foods fantastic, service is friendly and the prices are not over the top.

Bar de Tapas y Vino
1 Hoiser Lane
03 9663 3038

Image 1 & 2 - MoVida
Image 3 via Bellyfood


Mrs C said...

love movida, one of my favourite places to eat!

Cyma said...

Thanks for the recommendation, would surely check it out! I love churros, San churros is one of our favourite coffee places ;)

Beach Vintage said...

Ohh, I am off to Melbourne this month, thanks for the tip.