Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swap Cards

My favourite thing in the world when I was eight years old was my collection of swap cards. At the end of each week I was given my pocket money and after school I would walk to the local milk bar where I would pick out, with great deliberation, new cards. 
On the eve of opening the shop last year I came across my swap cards at home, packed away in a box for the last 28 years. I was thinking about what to do with them and I thought of sticking them onto a canvas to hang in our kid's section in the Enchanted Closet.
I had no idea how popular my pretty old swap cards would be. We've had customers try to buy the canvas and many people come back and tell us they have done the same thing for their little girl's room. But the best thing about the swap card canvas is the response we get from women of all ages. You can hear them as they walk in to our kid's section and gasp in amazement, most saying "I remember these, I wonder what happened to mine". And then they proceed to pick out their favourites when they were kids. So let me know, did you collect swap cards too?


Amanda Lonsdale said...

I did, yes! I have my collection and my mums too. I like cutting them into butterflies like here on top of my sons bookshelf:

Great post, Kate!

PS. Is your new site live? Please do a big announcement! x

Mrs C said...

Oh I think some of these must be mine- they look terribly familiar!!!

Scattering Lupines said...

I learned something new today! Swap cards weren't big when I was little, so I google it and learned a little about them. Thanks for the lesson!

The Wifestyle Files said...

Wow - Love it! What a sweet collage..

Melanie said...

as soon as I saw yours a little voice said "oh I had that one and that one and one just like that" lol.
I loved my swap cards and whenever I see other peoples it automatically makes me feel that joy that I used to experience when looking at them as a little girl. Glad you kept yours.

Beach Vintage said...

These are all so beautiful.