Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Francophiles!

The coloured glass has been collected over the years from many different countries.

This collection of antique copper pots were picked up at a market last year just outside of St Tropez.

Botanical themed plates collected from England and France are hung throughout the house.

Featured in this corner of the house are a few of the many treasures picked up on their travels. Framed is an antique map of France bought from an antique dealer in Paris. And in the glass case is their collection of Netsukes, which are hand carved ivory statues collected in Japan, circa the 17th century.

The house contains a huge collection of pewter collected from all over the world. The little tin in the foreground was bought during their last trip to Madagascar. 

                     The family phone and more pewter.

I'm always featuring similar types of homes on the blog. They are generally very pretty, colourful, coastal and very bright and airy. So for something different I thought I would show you images of a friend's home that I took over the weekend. This home is absolutely full of weird and wonderful things that they have collected on their many overseas journeys. Both of my friends are Francophiles and much of their collections come from France, especially a lot of their art (which I haven't shown here). They have a huge collection of botanical themed plates throughout the house, along with a stunning collection of pewter sourced from all over the world. One of my favourite things is their coloured glass collection that looks beautiful when
the sun hits the window. My friends have just left for a month in France, so I look forward to seeing what goodies they bring back with them.


Shawna said...

I think my home is going to end up looking like that :) A mix of odds and ends that each have sentimental value & travel memories attached.

If you're interested, check my blog out at Shawna's Study Abroad: Bilkent University, Ankara, TurkeyBest.

LissaMe said...

the botanical plates are beautiful