Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Obsession - Ikat +Cushions

I have way too many throw cushions. I have them categorised by colour in my linen closet and throughout wardrobes in my home. Towards the end of last year I realised I had spent a small fortune on cushions and possibly I really didn't need anymore. So a self-imposed ban was placed on any future cushion purchases for 2009. That being said I think I must break this ban. I am obsessed with Ikat at the moment and really want the Madeline Weinrib 'Blue Mu' cushion (available in Australia through Diane Bergeron Interiors, Collingwood VIC). Here are few of my favourite Ikat pieces and I love the eco Ikat bedroom featured in Domino.

Image 1: Domino Magazine
Image 2: Blue Mu cushion from Madeline Weinrib
Image 3: Saffron Luce cushion from Madeline Weinrib
Image 4: Raspberry Mu from Madeline Weinrib
Image 5: Sheherazade Imports NY cushion
Image 6: Ikat ottoman via Casasugar
Image 7: Elle Decor


Amanda said...

I heart ikat too! Love love love! I'd love to see some of your cushion collection. My rooms are in desperate need of some new cushions.

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I just featured similar cushions.... Aren't they beautiful. Lovely taste!!