Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Little Book Shop Around the Corner - New Leaves

                                       New Leaves Book Shop

The bright and beautiful children's section, where kids are welcome to sit and read.

                                   The cooking corner.

                   Inspired Styles - my new favourite book.

                    Pages from Inspired Styles

                          The gardening section.

              New Leaves stocks a fantastic range of kid's book.

A cosy place to sit and read, this spot gets all the afternoon Winter sun...

                        Gorgeous books from Japan.

My sister and I were in Melbourne last Sunday checking out new sites for the second Enchanted Closet store (which will open September/October 2009). We were in Albert Park and dropped into the Avenue Bookstore, which most people in Melbourne quote as their favourite bookshop in town. 
My sister and I got to talking as to what makes a truly great store that people come from far and wide to visit, and recommend to all and sundry. There are so many elements such as location, atmosphere, stock and the customer service. All of these things are done extremely well by Claire who opened New Leaves Book Shop around the corner from Enchanted Closet last year. I love dropping into her shop just to flick through her amazing range of reference books.
So if you're anywhere near Woodend in the Macedon Ranges, make sure you drop into New Leaves or visit Claire's Blog here.
New Leaves
35c Anslow Street
Woodend VIC 3442
03 5427 3772


Jackie said...

This book shop is absolutely darling! Love the children's section! Wish I lived nearby to check it out.

Amanda Lonsdale said...

Wow, what a gorgeous little shop! I would love for this to be my local bookshop, what a fabulous setup.

Michelle Hayward (16Stars) said...

That is the cutest shop ever! I wish I didn't live so far away - I'd be there at least once a week!

The Enchanted Closet said...

That's the only problem Michelle, I'm there too much and always finding a book to buy!

Cyma said...

What a cute shop, specially the kids section. Congrats on the second store. I just stumbled upon your blog and guess whose not doing any work now ;)