Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shopping Japanese Style

    Window Dressing! Jewellery store in Ginza, Tokyo

Greeting cards from Kyoto. Available soon at the Enchanted Closet.

                    Beautiful lollies.

       Street shopping in beautiful Kyoto.

          Cute money boxes from Harajuku

One of the great pleasures of shopping in Japan is the exceptional service and packaging, even the smallest purchases are wrapped beautifully.

Japanese Homewares store in Kyoto -  amazing Japanese garden separates the two sections of the shop.

Supermarket shopping- the beautiful packaging on everday supermarket items made a routine visit to the supermarket an absolute pleasure, even if I didn't know exactly what I was buying!

Stationary from Tokyo, I could have spent hours in stores like Itoya buying cards, paper etc..

I stumbled across a couple of beautiful cosmetic stores in Kyoto. Though Im not exactly sure what some of the creams are, after using one of them as a moisturiser I have renamed it a miracle cream. It's no wonder the Japanese have such beautiful complexions- my skin has never been better!

My sister and brother headed for Japan this week for a short holiday mixed with business - Mia was looking for new products for the shop. They visited Tokyo and Kyoto and it was the first trip for both of them to Japan. My sister has travelled quite extensively and she absolutely loved Japan - especially the shopping and their attention to beautiful packaging and their exceptional service. Over the next few days I will feature more photos of their trip including the Japanese architecture and fashion.

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Mee a Bee said...

Can't wait to see more! I find my eyes are blind to the beauty of this country these days - too busy buried in the say to day life of kids karate classes and packing school bags!