Monday, May 4, 2009

The Fabulous Five - Rachael from Designer's Emporium and la maison sur la colline

1. Blue and white china - Simple, classic and visually appealing blue and white china has my heart, and can be found everywhere in my home and often is my design inspiration.

2. Babushka Dolls - These pretty dolls had me from a young age. The vibrant colours, the patterning, the gorgeous floral motifs lured me in, and now I am an avid collector. Most I acquired in a year spent travelling in Europe, and I hope one day they will become a treasured collection for my children.

3. Tea cups - I just love them all, especially anything old and exquisitely patterned.  And if it’s got its own story to tell, then I’ll love it even more….

4. Pattern and Colour  - I love exploring pattern and colour in every aspect of my life. My favourite colour is red!

5. Renovating - My home is my sanctuary, my workplace, where my family lives and breathes. It’s currently going through a transformation and I am enjoying the creative process thoroughly.

This week I asked Rachael from la maison sur la colline to share with us the top five things she can't live without. Rachael is a freelance artist and illustrator, renovator and and you can check out her beautiful blog at Rachael also contributes to the Designer's Emporium blog and runs the Designer's Emporium Boutique Market which you can check out here. And don't forget to become a follower and make a comment on any of this week's posts to enter our Mother's Day Competition.


CackleberryKids said...

I love the photo of the house. It is Stunning!

Mrs C said...

what a lovely house she has..