Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Colour in the Home

As the winter months loom I am finding I am adding more and more colour to my home. Maybe I am trying to subconsciously create a warmer space to live in, knowing that soon it will be very, very cold. I love the colourful rooms above, especially the turquoise floorboards and the open fire place in designer Kathryn Ireland's home. I'm going to keep an eye out for little birdies like the ones above for our tree in the shop.

Image 1: Kathryn Ireland - House Beautiful
Image 2: Kathryn Ireland -  House Beautiful
Image 3: Martha Stewart
Image 4: Kathryn Ireland - My Relics
Image 5: My Relics
Image 6 Kathryn Ireland - House Beautiful


Rachael said...

gorgeous images - I love the last one, if only I had a place like that to curl up and read a book in my home.

Polly R said...

Gorgeous. I LOVE the birds! I am a bit obsessed with birds at the moment.
You could make your own?
You could collect old dry branches, then make your own birds. Here is a good template for them:


I really want to make some!
This is how they turn out:


It's weird - you're talking about winter looming for you, but for me summer is starting in about a month! I can't wait for summer !