Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Touch of Colour

                  Anne Coyle via Elle Decor

               Sarah Jessica Parker's Hamptons home via Elle Decor

                   Pink flamingo bath via Peacock Feathers

                  Image: Pottery Barn

                           Anne Coyle

            Image: Skona Hem

              Designer David Jimenez

                         Designer Miles Redd

I've been wanting a red wooden chair of late and this want was highlighted by Rachael's post over at La maison sur la colline about a splash of red. I have decided I am going to paint an old white chair I have at home and see how it looks. This poor chair has been apple green, aqua, pink and now white. Let's see how it goes in red. In the meantime here are some pieces of coloured furniture that I love.

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Mrs C said...

i love the blue chair and the pink bath..