Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cluster Art

                          Image via Please Sir

          Our own cluster art in the shop - made from vintage Golden Books

               Image via Please Sir

                     Alannah Hill's cluster art

                          Suzanne Kalser designs via Habitually Chic

I was checking out the blog Please Sir this morning and came across these great images of clustered art. I have a very blank wall at home that needs help and I've been thinking of doing something along the lines of this. It reminded me of a tear sheet I have in my file of Alannah Hill's home and her wall of vintage paintings. We did something a little similar in the shop with vintage Golden Books.


Rachael said...

These are so lovley. i am just about to do the same with some pictures I've had taken of my kids. But I am going for all white frames on white walls.
You mentioned that you painted your sideboard white - I'd love to see..was it hard to do?

XX Rachael

Lady Melbourne said...

Amazing, beautiful, charming, more adjectives needed to describe how I feel about these images!!!

paper aeroplane said...

I love cluster art! I have two walls with cluster art but I would love to have them on every wall!

Love the Golden Books, I stocked up on old ones at the Lifeline Book Fair.

Shanyn xo

The Enchanted Closet said...

Hi Rachael,
I'll do a post soon on the white sideboard, I'm just trying to find the perfect handles. It wasn't too hard, just time consuming. Look forward to seeing your cluster art.xx

Rachael said... pressure! :)

I have a few very large items that I would like to paint white, but worry i'll get half way through and get put off by how long it has taken...

Can't wait to see....