Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Loving Turquoise Again

I've done it before, a post dedicated to turquoise and I'm doing it again. It seems that I am constantly attracted to anything turquoise. I love this colour, it always looks so fresh when mixed with white or black, and great against colours. 

Image 1 : Southern Accents
Image 2: Ego Central
Image 3: Coastal Living
Image 4: Coastal Living
Image 5: via Shelter


Rachael said...

I love turquoise as much as I love red! It's the most stunning colour, but I love it best with white... said...

pretty pretty pretty....
love your blog
mona & the girls

paper aeroplane said...

That chandelier is beautiful. Could it be that we love turquoise so much because subconsciously it reminds us of a Tiffany box?! Hehe ;) Shanyn

The Enchanted Closet said...

Thanks Mona and girls. I'll be checking your blog out too!

The Enchanted Closet said...

I couldn't agree with you more Rachael. And Shanyn, I think you're on to something!