Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's Your Style?

Modern Eclectic - Lots of colour on white, mixing new with old and very livable.

Contemporary - Sleekly edited and very functional.

Coastal - Light, airy and breezy. Lots of natural textures with touches of colour. Preferably comes with a view of the ocean.

Country - Relaxed and comfy with the use of timeworn treasures. Furniture that can be lived in.

Vintage - Lots of white wash and mismatched pretty florals, very cosy and welcoming.

Traditional - Finely crafted details with a heavy use of patterns and prints, with a nod to the past. Think Bunny Williams.

Classical - Influenced by architecture and art, particularly Roman and Greek empires. A very ordered style that is visually balanced. Kelly Wearstler does this style well, with added glamour.

I've always been envious of those people who know and understand their sense of style. My own style, both in my home and in my fashion leanings, tends to constantly change. One minute I'm loving vintage, the next it's all about modern lines and layering. One thing that always remains the same is my love of beautiful prints and textures, and my love of colour. These days when asked what my favourite style is I tend to answer with 'modern eclectic' which for me encompasses lots of colour, print, texture and layering, and mixing new with old. So tell me, what's your style?

Image 1: Anna Spiro Real Living
Image 2: Debbie Cronin Real Living
Image 3: Black White Yellow
Image 4: Coastal Living
Image 5: Kathy Ireland via House Beautiful
Image 6: All Things Shabby Chic
Image 7: Bunny Williams
Image 8: Kelly Wearstler


Sam said...

Great post, very well put together! My style isn't as well defined either, my home is more "contemporary" however I would like it to be "eclectic" as I find that more interesting lately.

Courtney said...

I really love both the country and vintage photos. I'm pretty sure they sum up a lot of my design dreams!