Friday, September 11, 2009

What Makes You Happy?

I love balloons! They are one of those things that when I see evoke feelings of happiness, great childhood memories and good times. So what makes you happy?

Also thanks to Bubba Grubb for the mention!

Image 1: Flickr
Image 2: See Saw Design
Image 3: Cup of Jo
Image 4: Flickr
Image 5: Ffffound


Anonymous said...

the smell of freshly cut grass, and rain on a hot bitumen road.

Cyma said...

It's hard to pick one....umm ..chocolate, yes I'm pretty sure a bar of chocolate can cheer me up any time any day!!
Great post.
Where did you get that huge laminated map? Can't seem to find any huge ones.

kt said...

My angels Noah and Hunter especially when giggeling together, that melts my heart!