Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MadeByGirl Jennifer Ramos

                                      MadeByGirl designer Jennifer Ramos

                                                         ABC Girls Print

                                                    Pop Butterflies Card

                                              Love Print in Candy Lemon

                                          Love Print in Candy Grapefruit

                                            I love you, blogs and Tea Print

I was lucky enough to interview Jennifer Ramos, the Las Vegas based designer of MadeByGirl. Jennifer's blog www.madebygirl.blogspot.com is hugely popular and has been featured in a number of magazines, including Australia's Real Living. The Enchanted Closet is very happy to announce that we will be stocking Jennifer's designs later this year, but for now you can purchase MadeByGirl via www.madebygirl.com or Jennifer's Etsy shop

Jennifer's Interview

Tell us a bit about your business, MadeByGirl?

MadeByGirl is a paper goods company. We sell a full range of fun & colourful cards & prints.  Currently all the products on Madebygirl are designed by myself. The business began with the idea of spreading Environmental Awareness to everyone who purchases- by encouraging people to recycle the cards instead of just tossing them. We also donate a % of our profit to Global Green USA & Stop Global Warming. 

Where, what/who do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

My inspiration comes from many sources. Life, love/relationships, books, magazines, clothing, fabric designs, home interiors, colour trends etc.  Sometimes I even get inspired by other artists. My designs are all about colour, so arranging colours that work well  together also inspires me to come up with new designs....

You have a fantastic blog. How do you keep it fresh and inviting to readers?

Thanks! I think it's important to model yourself after those you admire. For instance, if there is a blog that is successful, try and find out why. What makes people want to visit them and come back for more. Look at the design and the way the blogger communicates with his/her readers.  Figure out how you can create your own blog with your own style and be just as successful. As for my blog, I thought of always maintaining a certain amount of colour, because colour touches people's emotions. I think when readers come to my blog, they feel good vibes. I keep it fresh by always adding new items on the sidebars and creating posts that are vibrant, with photos that are pleasing to the eye. I am honest & down to earth; I try to convey that to my readers when I post. 

What's your favourite place to shop?

I'd have to say this little shop near my home called Fashion Q. They have so many cute tops in so many different colors! They are very inexpensive. I also like Urban Outfitters & J Crew, even though they can be a tad bit pricey.

Your favourite T.V show and movie?

I love Sex & the city re-runs, Flight of the Concords, The BIG Idea with Donny Deutsch and Anderson Cooper 360. As for movies, I love 'The Notebook'. 

What are some of your favourite blogs?











Finally, what are your design predictions for 2009 and what will you be buying?

Design predictions.... butterflies, balloons, garlands, flowers and lots of colour I hope! 

I will be buying lots of ornate frames, oil painting, art , fabric and silk flowers for my home. 

Thanks again Jennifer. Your blog and Anna Spiro's Absolutely Beautiful Things were inspiration for us to start our own blog!

WOW...what a surprise, that's a great compliment. Thank you. 


Mrs C said...

let us all know when her gorgeous products arrive to purchase at The Enchanted Closet. Ive got my eye on ABC print...

Jennifer Ramos said...

Thanks a bunch - I will mention this on my blog soon...great job! : )

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'