Monday, February 23, 2009

Coastal Dwellings

We live in a gorgeous part of Australia, a place where tourists flock to soak up the beautiful scenery, great food and wine and some country charm - all within 50 minutes of Melbourne. But we are land locked and therefore coastal design does not sit well here (although it can be adapted). But this doesn't stop me from  loving beach houses and all they entail, so here are a few of my favourites. And when I can afford my little beach house on the south coast of NSW, I'll be referencing these pics.

P.S. It's Oscar night and I'm a little excited. Look out tomorrow for all the fashion hits and misses. Also Mia and I have a write up in this month's Country Style. I'll be posting a copy later this week. A huge thanks to Kathy Mexted who wrote the article.

All images: Coastal Living


Little Jane St said...

wouldn't this be just perfect!

Rachael said...

they are lovely pictures, especially the ones with the dark wooden french doors. So often you see images with white french doors and think i wonder what that room would look like with dark timber which is what we have in our home.... I'm glad i finally got a chance to see....