Thursday, March 11, 2010

What to Wear, What to Wear??

It's an age old question and one that does my head in every morning (or if I'm organised, the night before). What am I going to wear today? Some days I do it with ease and I'm happy with the end result but most days it's a trial. Like this morning, the weather wasn't sure if it was warm or cold, I wasn't sure what I felt like wearing, was it a pants day or dress day and my trusty fail proof dress was in the wash. So after many changes in front of the mirror, where nothing was right, I'm now at work in an outfit I normally wouldn't leave the house in. I can safely say it's a bad outfit day today!


annechovie said...

I can relate - I think that everyone has those days!

Beach Vintage said...

I hate these type of days...dont worry we all have them.