Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beautiful Blooms

I got my first bunch of hydrangeas from my plant which I have been nuturing from a baby for the last 18 months. They have pride of place in my lounge room and look gorgeous. These blooms are my all time favourite flower, they remind me of my Nan's garden when we were kids. Here are some of my favourite images where hydrangeas feature.

Image 1: House of Turquoise
Image 2: Vogue Living Jan/Feb 2008
Image 3: Vogue September 2003
Image 4: Hugh Stewart
Image 5: LEB Everything
Image 6: Vogue September 2003


Dragonfly said...

They look so beautiful. I grew up and Sydney, and my nan had these too. Sweet memories :-)

Dustjacket Attic said...

They are just so Australian, love them. I was asking mum the other day how to grow them and she said they don't like the sun.


The Enchanted Closet said...

When I lived in QLD I had no luck at all with them, but they love Victoria xxx

Courtney said...

That girl in the skirt next to the hydrangeas, with the foggy mountains in the distance? I want to be her! What an inspiring collection of photos.

Cyma said...

Lovely pictures!

Alipants said...

I love hydaranges, they are my favourite and I am about to plant a few outside my bedroom window to enjoy for years to come