Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I love this teal velvet seat at the end of the bed. A great way to add some velvet into the home.

We're experiencing a cold Spring snap down here, so it's back to coats, scarves and boots. So what better time than now to post on one of my favourite fabrics - velvet. I'm considering taking the plunge and buying a velvet couch but not sure how functional they are. But I know they're comfy and look oh so inviting.
Image 1: Beaux Arts Mansion via Decor Pad
Image 2: Domino - Nick Olson
Image 3: Decor Pad
Image 4: Decor Pad
Image 5: Decor Pad


My Passport to Style said...

Oh my gosh, what jaw droppingly sumptious velvet clad beauties!!Thanks for delighting us with them this morning( UK time anyway).Have you entered the Heels that Heal competition over @ My Passport to Style yet? Please do and support our fight against cancer for women!Look forward to seeing your entry, please keep spreading the word re the 5 day Dear Diary event! Sharon xx

Dustjacket Attic said...

I was just talking to my Nana yesterday about her green velvet couch. I'd always loved it. She said it wore really well. Not sure if it was coated, but she said you could wipe off marks.

Love the picture's just beautiful.

Cyma said...

Oooh these are quite nice, specially the first two ones. And yes that teal seat would be such a statement piece.

Courtney said...

Oh, I love velvet. It's such a lovely material.

Mrs C said...

im in love with the blue velvet sofa, love the green too!!

Little Jane St said...

LOVE that velvet bead seat! What a beautiful colour!!