Thursday, August 6, 2009

Night Light

Many years ago I bought myself a manual SLR and took a photography course. One of my favourite assignments was light at night photography, and trying to catch the light using different photographic styles. These images do this perfectly.

I've mentioned photography duo Our Blog of Love before and how amazing their work is. If you love photography you should check out their blog, along with The Image is Found. Both are seriously good.

Image 1: The Image is Found
Image 2 : Our Blog of Love
Image 3: Our Blog of Love
Image 4: The Image is Found
Image 5: Our Blog of Love
Image 6: Love & Splendour Events
Image 7: The Image is Found - Jeff Newsom


Dustjacket Attic said...

What magical images.

Have a lovely weekend.

Courtney said...

Lovely, lovely photographs. They truly capture the dreamy atmosphere of lights against the night.

Mrs C said...

these are such beautiful images, one of my favourite of your blog posts so far! which is saying something as I love reading them all..